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Close the loop - Renew value!

Developed by students for students.

nutume is a free to use digital platform that makes it quick and easy for students to exchange goods they no longer need, within their local area.

The nutume background story.

Student life is expensive. At its heart, nutume tackles the dual issues of cost of living and waste,  focusing on the need for items but the reality that at the end of the final term, many of them are dumped. Most of these items can be re-used.

So, nutume encourages a campus-based, free exchange that’s on your doorstep, superfast and sustainable.

The brainchild of Joshua Shephard and Killoran Wills, nutume was born when they were paired up – and then won - a challenge set for students at the University of Warwick and University College Birmingham in 2021 to come up with creative, sustainable solutions for students on campus.

The two were joined in 2022 by Deborah Hale, a marketing specialist and the three embarked on the exciting, terrifying, exhilarating and sometimes tiring journey of founding a business together.

Three very different people from entirely different backgrounds had the benefit of great counsel and mentoring as they worked through how best nutume would come to life. 
They say “it takes a village” and nutume has many people to be grateful to, including founding partner, the University of Warwick, who agreed to test the app to see if a great idea could really become a business proposition.

Joshua Shephard.
Founder of nutume

BSc Biomedical Science Student and part-time football referee

Responsible for:

- Management of app development
- Advocate and key spokesperson
-Management of the website

Killoran Wills
Founder of nutume

MSc in Entrepreneurship. Previously working in campaigning journalism and as an editor.

Responsible for:

- Seed capital fundraising
- Advocate and key spokesperson
- New business developments

Deborah Hale
Director of nutume

Marketing consultant. Previously working as a Facebook executive and Director of the Torch Relay for London 2012 Olympics.

Responsible for:

- Branding advisor
- Marketing and communications lead
- Brand Identity collaboration with Gegenpol

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