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Aimed at the student market, nutume facilitates the free transfer of items no longer needed – from books to clothes and equipment – on our superfast, sustainable and secure website.


After being backed by various schemes, from Warwick’s Natwest accelerator to Birmingham’s Be Inspired, we cannot wait to share nutume with you

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Take a look through our step-by-step guide, explaining how nutume works at every step of the way.


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Simply visit our listings page, or add your own listing (found within your profile,) and interact with our great community via direct messaging to carry out your exchange.

For more details please see “Want in on the action?” located on our homepage

No. Do not fret, our site is completely free for all our users

It is completely up to you. We recommend that you arrange somewhere safe and visible; either our university lockers or somewhere safe on campus. 

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A student's views on nutume:

"I think for me, the main issue is that I know the clothes are out here, in students' houses, possibly down the road - just lying there!

It would be nice to go all out [with my fancy dress costume] sometimes without spending the money. Especially if someone has the item(s) and would happily donate it for an evening or more."

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